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April 11, 2013
Apple customers hit by software bug


IPhone customers are potentially being overcharged by hundreds/thousands of dollars, due to a software bug that is leading to excessive data being drained from customer’s mobile plans.

We are recommending all our customers check their usage on a regular basis to avoid being hit with a large bill.

Apple has acknowledged the problem and says that downloading the new software update should fix the problem. Over 250,000 apple users have flocked to the apple support pages to vent their frustration.

If you need to join them we understand, please use the link below to go direct to apples discussions forum:


If you believe your phone has the bug we highly recommend you turn your 3G off until the problem is resolved, and as an extra precaution contact us at Switched On to have a bar placed on your data allowance, to prevent further ertxcess charges to your account.

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