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Join our Chatterbox referral program today and get paid for sharing us with your friends. Share our special offers with friends, chat about the products you use, share your opinions and spread the word. Please take the time to have a peek at the rewards on offer and start saving money soon…..

So how does it work?

It’s simple. We can only flourish and grow as a business if we always do the right thing by you, our customers. Instead of spending stacks of money on endless marketing campaigns, we’d rather thank you by giving you a discount off your phone bill when you recommend our services to your friends. With the cost of living on the rise, everyone is looking for ways to save money on their bills. So, for spreading the word and helping us to grow we’ll give you direct savings off your phone bills to show our appreciation.

That’s a win-win for everyone!

So, tell your friends about us and when their new account is activated, you’ll qualify for a $100 discount, per person! To thank your friends for joining Switched On, we’ll also give them a $25 account credit off their first bill!

Terms & Conditions Apply. You can download a PDF file from here, or click "Terms & Conditions" below

Obtain your referral code

Simply enter your existing Customer ID number and click the 'Generate" button to get your unique referral code. (Your Customer ID number is the 6 digit Account Number on your monthly invoice)

Customer ID: Your key is:

Now simply share with your friends using the below buttons and start saving even more today! Don't forget to include your unique referral code in your post though - otherwise they won't know what to quote when they sign up!

Some of the rewards you can choose from include:
  • $100 per person OFF YOUR NEXT ACCOUNTo:p>

    For each eligible* referral, you’ll receive a $100 credit.   

    *An eligible referral is a provisioned service valued at $70 or more per month which is paid in full by the due date each month.


  • REWARDS POINTS   (1 referral = 25 points)

Been Referred? Apply here!

  • Application form - Step 1
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Terms & Conditions

Refer a friend program - conditions of use

By participating in the Chatterbox refer a friend program you agree to comply with the following conditions:

  • You must not use this program for commercial purposes and may only share your unique sharing link or promo code with people you know. This may include family members, friends or colleagues.
  • You must not refer anyone under the age of 18.
  • You must not send a referral email or post a social media shout out to anyone under the age of 18.
  • Shout Out rewards are limited to a onetime $25 Coles Myer Gift Card. To qualify, Switched On Australia must be ‘tagged’ in the post and your post must be seen to promote Switched On Australia.
  • Shout out reward is limited to one $25 gift card per 6 month period and rewarded only for one forum.
  • All plans are on a minimum contract term of 24 months. Early termination fees apply.
  • Refer a friend rewards will be credited when your friend’s new account is activated and they have paid their first account.

For you to be eligible for a 'refer a friend' reward:

  • You must be a Switched On Australia customer with a minimum monthly spend of $70 which is paid in full and by the due date (15th of the month).
  • Your friend must click the Chatterbox button on the homepage of our website www.switchedonaustralia.com, then enter your unique promo code in the popup box when they apply for a service.
  • Your friend must select a plan valued at $70 or more per month, excluding any equipment charges or connection fees.
  • It must be your friend's first Switched On account.
  • Your friend must not have previously visited our site or registered their email address with us.

We may block your unique sharing link and code and withhold any reward due to you immediately and without notice if we think that:

  • You are using your 'refer a friend' code for commercial purposes.
  • You are breaking the rules of the 'refer a friend' program.

If we block your link and code, we will investigate the circumstances. If our investigation reveals a breach of these rules, you will not be eligible to receive any outstanding 'refer a friend' rewards and will not be allowed to participate in the 'refer a friend' program.

You must tell your friends that you'll be passing their details to us and be sure that they're happy for you to do this and for us to contact them.

Imitating Switched On Australia or the switchedonaustralia.com site to promote your 'refer a friend' link and code is not acceptable in any format. Use of your 'refer a friend' link and code must not market or advertise Switched On Australia or our website in any way. You may only share your link and code in ways you would normally share information with friends and personal contacts. Acceptable methods of sharing include via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, email and word of mouth. You must NOT use any of the following methods which are strictly prohibited:

  • Placing links on any internet sites which Switched On Australia places adverts on.
  • Advertising either Switched On Australia directly, or on sites which in turn direct users to switchedonaustralia.com using keyword advertising, URLs or advertising copy which uses keywords from the restricted list below.
  • Using URLs for your sites containing the words from the restricted list. This restricted list is subject to change, and you'll be notified of any changes by email or fax.

Restricted list for keyword advertising with internet search engines (PPC) and use of URLs

You are restricted from using:-

  • All keyword phrases, URLs or advertising copy containing the word "Switched On Australia"
  • The phrases "free”, “cash on demand" or "same day cash" with or without spaces or punctuation
  • These keywords with any characters prefixed or suffixed
  • The following misspelling of brand: swichedon, switchdon, switchedom, swichdon, switchedonostralia, switchedonoz, or any other variation.

** Please be advised Switched On Australia operates a strict anti-spam policy and therefore you must ensure any emails you send are to people you know. If a referral made by you results in a complaint, we reserve the right to withhold any rewards due.

Please remind the friends you refer that in all cases:

  • Their selected plan must be valued at $70 or more;
  • The plan chosen must be affordable and they must be able to repay it on time without difficulty;
  • All accounts must be paid in full on the due date (15th of the month).

Please also read the FAQ’s which help to explain these 'refer a friend' conditions in more detail.


How do I refer a friend?

You’ll first need to email or tell them your unique sharing code, which must be used when they apply for a service. That way we can link the referral back to you.

To find your unique sharing code, all you need to do is enter your customer ID in the field on this page ("Obtain Your Referral Code") and you will be given your code. Don't worry if you forget it - it will always be the same code assigned to your customer ID, so you can come back and re-enter as much as you need. In order to qualify for your reward, the plan chosen by your friend must be valued at $70 or more and must be his/her first Switched On Australia application. If the code has been blocked for any of the reasons stated in these rules, then the referral reward won't be paid.



How do I choose my preferred reward?

We will contact you once your friend's account has been connected to find out what reward option you would like. This way if the options change we can ensure we always provide you with the latest options. This will also ensure we can confirm any other details required to make sure you recieve your reward correctly and quickly.



How do I qualify for compensation under the Chatterbox referral program?

To be eligible, any referral must be made in accordance with these 'refer a friend' conditions of use. You must have previously been approved, and previously taken out, a Switched On Australia service valued at $70 or more, and your account must be paid in full and by the due date. If you are in arrears when eligible to receive a 'refer a friend' reward, we reserve the right to cancel the credit to your account.



How many 5% discount credits can be applied to my account?

As the program only allows you to refer friends you actually know, we've limited the total amount of referrals to no more than 5. We will not apply the 5% monthly discount credit in respect of any referrals over five (5), for a maximum of 25% discount per month.

If you wish to refer more than 5 people, you may choose from one of the exciting referral incentives in our rewards program. If you attempt to breach these conditions your link and code will be blocked.


What's an acceptable way to share my link and code?

Any referral must be made by you on a personal basis, not on a commercial basis. Referring people on a commercial basis is strictly prohibited. For the avoidance of doubt, you can only share your link and code with people you know personally. This may include family members, friends or colleagues. You must not send a referral email or shout out to anyone under the age of 18.

You may only share your link and code in ways that you would normally share information with your friends and personal contacts. Acceptable methods of sharing include shout outs and reviews via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, email and word of mouth.. All Switched On applications made by the people you have referred will be subject to our usual credit checks and approval. Please remember, and remind the people you refer, that the repayment due under the Switched On terms and conditions must be made in full and on the due date.



What would result in my link and code being blocked?

Any referral must be made by you on a personal basis, not on a commercial basis. Commercial use includes, for example, making a referral as part of a business of yours, as part of another person's business, by publishing your 'refer a friend' code in any form of advertising or offering the link and code to people you don't know.

Please note that you are responsible for the distribution of your refer a friend link and code and will be held accountable should your link or code be used inappropriately by a third party (knowingly or otherwise). If your link or code appears on any websites that are existing affiliates of Switched On Australia it will be blocked.



Who can I refer?

As stated previously, you can only refer people you know personally. The person you refer must not be an existing Switched On Australia customer, or have used our service before. This includes people who have previously visited our site and registered their email address with us.

The person you refer must select a plan to the value of $70 or more, excluding any equipment fee and charges.

The 'refer a friend' link and code provided must be used when the friend applies for a Switched On service so we can link the referral back to you.



What will happen if I break the rules of refer a friend?

We regularly monitor all referrals and, if we suspect any person is not fully complying with the rules of 'refer a friend' (and/or the spirit of it), we may block the relevant 'refer a friend' link or code immediately and withhold any rewards due until the matter has been fully investigated. If an investigation reveals abuse of the 'refer a friend' rules, all rewards due will become void. For the avoidance of doubt, any plans taken by the people you have referred will remain due under the terms and conditions of their service agreement, which operates independently of these rules.



When will I be compensated if my referral is successful?

Every time a referral made by you in accordance with these rules results in the successful provision of the service(s) of the person you referred, we will compensate you with your chosen reward within 30 days of your friends’ new account being activated.

Referral rewards are payable only to you and are not transferrable. All telecommunications services will be subject to Switched On Australia’s standard terms and conditions of trade.

In the event that you have any outstanding debts or arrears with Switched On Australia, you will forfeit any rewards, discounts or credits due to you.  



How can I refer customers to Switched On Australia on a commercial basis?

We are in the process of developing a commercial affiliate system, which could be more suited to your needs. Email us to register your interest and we will notify you when this becomes available.



Who can I contact if I have a question about refer a friend?

Please email us at info@switchedonaustralia.com