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Switched On Australia - Legal & Policy Information

legal & policy informationAll the important legal bits and pieces you might need. It can actually be very informative.

Below is a directory for all the important bits of information, such as our terms & conditions, our Critical Information Summaries, and useful information on things like the Telecommunications Consumer Protection Code and the Customer Service Guarantee Standard..


    Critical Information Summaries (CIS)

    All of them!

    Regardless of what product it is, you'll find a list of all our CIS documents here. These are important when choosing a product.


    Standard Form Customer Contract

    You'll need this

    The over-arching document that all customers agree to when they enter an agreement with Switched On. Read this to know everything.


    CIC Statement

    Compliance in everything

    Under the Telecommunications Consumer Protection Code, Switched On is ensuring compliance is in everything we do.



    Every policy you could want to read

    Ever find yourself struck with the urge to just start reading policy documentation? Us either - but just in case, here it is anyway.


    The TCP Code

    For your protection

    Thanks to TCP, we're now better than ever at making sure you're protected as a customer. Read this pamphlet about the code here.


    Your Privacy

    it's all about you

    Your privacy is of the utmost importance to us, and we thought you might like to know more about it.


    Product Warranties

    Just in case

    We're confident in our products, but sometimes they may just not be working right. Find your warranty info here.


    Customer Service Guarantee

    You may need this

    If your services have gone down we promise to do everything in our power to get it back up again. Learn more now.