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Switched On Australia - HomeTalk saver Plan Details

Bundle Unlimited NOW $89

Bundle Unlimited For a limited time only you cna get the Bundle Unlimited offer and save even more off the normal prioce of $99 per month, and only pay $89 per month. Simply sign-up before 31/12/2013 and you'll get unlimited ADSL2+, unlimited local calls AND unlimimted national calls for only $89 per month.

And if that isn't enough the first 50 will get an NBN ready wireless modem/router worth $150 for only $75 as well as the free upgrade to NBN when it becomes available in your area. So what are you waiting for? Get switched on today!

ADSL2+ Broadband Details

$89 per month

Total minimum cost $2211. See the Critical Information Summary here.


Unlimited data.
No peak or off peak limitations.

Free mailbox and access to MyInbox - online webmail.


20Mbps for downloads and 1Mbps for uploads.


While normally no shaping applies, we may be required to limit your speeds to 256kbps for the remainder of the billing cycle, if our Fair Use Policy is breached.

HomeTalk Details

$89 per month

Total minimum cost $2211. See the Critical Information Summary here.


All Australian local and national fixed line calls are included.

Mobile Calls

35c p/minute to all Australian national mobiles. Call charges are limited at $2 for the first 15 minutes and then continue to charge at 35 cents per minute thereafter.

Cost of a 2 minute standard Mobile call is $1.15, including 45 cent flagfall.


The Top 7 international destinations are 14c p/minute. These are Canada, China, Germany, Ireland, New Zealand, UK, and USA.

Calls made to all other International locations are charged at their standard rates. You can find our entire call rates list here.

Premium Numbers

Calls made to 13/1300 numbers are charged at 45c p/call.

Calls made to all other premium number types (e.g. 1900 or Sensis 1234) are charged at rates set by the holder of the premium number. Please ensure to check all costs with the premium number service prior to making calls of this type.


All timed calls (including national & mobiles) incur a Standard Call Connection Cost of 45c p/call.

Important Information

  • Things You Need to Know

    General Terms

    • 24-Month Minimum Contract terms apply ADSL/ADSL2+ & HomeTalk bundle plans.
    • Where an additional service is required but all ports for telephone services are occupied, an additional NDI will need to be installed. This will be treated as a new service.
    • We will provide the service at the address you nominate. If you relocate, Switched On may not be able to provide you with the same offer and you may incur relocation and/or cancellation charges.
    • No peak or off-peak restrictions.
    • All charges quoted are inclusive of GST.
    • To see how much data you might need, use our simple tool here.

    Important Information About ADSL/ADSL2+

    • All internet services come with a free mailbox and access to 'MyInbox' - an online webmail service.
    • ADSL/ADSL2+ is not available in all areas.
    • Both downloads and uploads count towards your monthly data quota.
    • You wont be charged extra if you exceed your monthly data quota, but your download/upload speeds will be slowed down to 256kbps/256kbps.
    • You need an approved ADSL/ADSL2+ capable modem that is compatible with the Switched On Australia network. If your existing hardware is not compatible, we can provide the necessary hardware for a fee. Please contact customer service on 1300 455 620 for more information.
    • Actual download and uploads speeds will be affected by many external factors which include the number of end-users using the service at the same time, the hardware, software and software configuration, the connection method within the premises and the type/source of content being downloaded.
    • Download speeds on devices connected via a Wi-Fi modem or network extender may be slower than on devices connected by ethernet cable.
    • About 70% of customers on the 8Mbps plan can access speeds around 6Mbps or more. About 50% of customers on the 20Mbps plan can access speeds around 10Mbps or more. Some existing customers may need to purchase a new modem to achieve speeds in excess of 8Mbps.

    Important Information About HomeTalk Services

    • All timed calls are billed in 60 second blocks.
    • All sensis calls are excluded from any included credit and are charged on top of the monthly access fee.

    General Fees & Charges

    • A payment processing fee is charged for all Switched On bills not paid by direct debit. For Visa/MasterCard the rate is 2% of the payment amount, INC GST. For Diners Club/American Express the rate is 3.9% of the payment amount, INC GST. BPay and Post Office payment methods also incur additional charges. Visit our Bill Payment Fees FAQ for more information on these fees and the exemptions that may be available to you.
    • Early Termination Fee: $40 for every month remaining in the term of your 24-Month Agreement.
    • A fee of $20 applies when switching to a plan of equal or lesser value (we'll cover this fee if you are switching to a higher plan).

    Additional Fees & Charges

    Disconnection Fees Standard Connection / Relocation New Line Connection In-place line connection with technician
    $75.00 $72.57 $367.77 $153.75
    Service Call Out Charge (M-F; 8am-5pm)* Service Call Out Charge - after hours Incorrect Call Out Charge (M-F; 8am-5pm)* Incorrect Call Out Charge - after hours
    $104.54 $332.10 $156.84 $393.58
    Labour Charge (M-F; 8am-5pm)* Labour Charge - after hours
    $61.50 $71.28
    * Excludes Public Holidays

    Additional Services Charges

    Message Bank Call Control Silent Number Calling Number Display Fax Duet
    $7.00 $4.00 $3.60 $7.00 $7.00
  • What Payment Methods do we accept?



      BPAY through your Bank


      Post Billpay

      At any Australia Post Office


      Over the Phone

      Automated pay by Phone Service



      Pay via our website with your Customer Number & Password


      Direct Debit

      Direct Deposit to our Bank Account



      Mail Cheque or Money Order

  • International Call Rates

    *International Call Rates to Top 7 Countries.

    Applicable rates for Top 7 International locations only. These are Canada, China, Germany, Ireland, New Zealand, UK, and USA.

    Please check our International Call Rates for other countries and their applicable rates.

  • Do you need a modem?

    Modems NB604 NB604N
    Netcomm Netcomm NB604 ADSL2+ Modem/Router Netcomm NB604N ADSL2+ Wireless Modem/Router
    Description Basic ADSL2+ Modem ADSL2+ Modem with 4 cable ports and WiFi
    Price $120 $140